Ed Norton Hears a Who! .jpg

Ed Norton Hears a Who!

by Matt (Who Raps)


Ed Norton Hears A Who! is a rap album I wrote and performed under the moniker "Matt (Who Raps)". It was produced by the extremely talented ill Pee and mastered at Studio 11 in Chicago. I released it on February 29, 2016 (not a typo, it was leap day).

Here's what the people are saying:

"I have an ongoing relationship with this album despite our break-up." 

- Jillian Jason (Close friend/former lover)

"The arrhythmic jazz beats remind me of MF Doom/VV beats. I also loved the subject matter of all your songs, strong metaphor game all while being very coherent and having a linear narrative."

-William Beteet (over Facebook chat 14 months after it was released). 

"No, I still haven't listened. It's nothing personal, I just don't like rap music." 

Mike Dibiccaro (my best friend).

"Don't say that, you're an excellent rapper." 

- My Mom (defending me at the dinner table when I told her "friend" that I wasn't very musically inclined).

"Matt Baker just released his first album and it's awesome! How many MCs give shoutouts to Diane Fossey? Or talk about kicking Plato's ass or Ayn Rand meeting Karl Marx? No one else is sampling Charles Grodin from Louie or making multiple Gollum references or tackling cynicism and depression while pondering whether sunflower sea turtles could beat cheetahs on the moon in the same song." 

-Grant Williams (a dear friend)