She caught me crankin' it like Souja Boy. 
 My mom at age 16. Multiple people have told me she looks like Lady Gaga.
 This is a snippet from a photo collage at my Pop-Pop Baker's house. Both of my parents on the way to some gala, circa 1995. 
 Non-Non and Pop-Pop Demasi on their honeymoon. Circle 1948. 
 Dad and his boys. 
 Mom and her boys. 
 Trying to get comfy at Nana and Pop-Pop Baker's. 
 This will always be my favorite photo of my brother Andrew. 
 I invented the mangina. 
 Save a horse, save a cowboy, bareback a seal at a miniature golf course. 
 The Outer Banks, circa 1997, taken a few weeks after I brained myself on a bedside table. 
 Fun at the Pallmyer's house, 1998. 
 Everything I need to know (about cultural appropriation), I learned in Kindergarten. 
 My first soccer team, the Sage Dogs. #DILF 
 Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts. 
 State Cup quarter finals with PA Classics (2006). It looks like I'm about to score, but I think the ball actually hit me in the face. 
 Battling for a ball at the U-16 Academy showcase in Greensboro, NC.
 Taken shortly after Ryan Bradbury's wonder goal to tie the game. 
 PA Classics Blue '91 on the beach at the Academy Showcase in Sarasota, Florida. Note the dandelion in my hair. 
 Winning a header for my high school team while maintaining a flattering face. 
 HS soccer goal celebrations at their finest. Domo arrigato. 
 This photo was on the front page on the sports section of our county's newspaper. Again, another flattering face.  
 This is honestly when I peaked. It's been all down hill since that moment. I love this picture for some many reasons, but mostly because of John Grosh's (#11) reaction. 
 Taken after the last Manheim Township vs. Elizabethtown soccer game, a little inside rival game between us and Jason Good.  2009. 
 Taken after our very last game with PA Classics at US Developmental Academy Playoffs. Some of us played together for 10+ years, I still get misty-eyed when I think about those boys and that time in my life. 
 8th graders Matt Baker and Phil Neslund en route to embarrass Andrew Baker hanging out with cool high school girls. 2005. 
 Taken before the Homecoming dance my freshman year of high school. Fall 2005. 
 Candid shot from Senior Prom. May 2010, a few weeks before HS graduation. 
 HS senior photo. Fall 2009. 
 The voting ballot for my high school's "Spirit King." I tried to appeal to a wide base of fellow wizards, but sadly I did not win. 
 With my friend Matt Kelin on New Year's Eve. 2009. 
 In Sedona with my PA Classics teammates Steve Kilty and Chris Schultz on our off day at the Academy Showcase in Phoenix. November 2009. 
 HS Graduation with long-time friends Luke Oostdyk, Jon Chieppor, and Kevin Estabrook. 
 Vermont Soccer. Freshman year, fall 2010. 
 Lisa, me, and Dad at a UVM game vs Albany. 
 Taken shortly after Nick O'Neill scored a game-winning goal in OT vs Stanford in our opening game of the season my freshman year. A centerback got injured, so I played the last 15 minutes and then the OT period. I was so nervous I booted the ball long every time it came near me. 
 Me and Evan Hodge at a delicious Mexican restaurant on our team trip to San Francisco. You can see Conor Leland peeping in the corner. 
 DJ Edler, Nick O'Neill, and I on the edge of a cliff at Rodeo Beach, CA. The bystander snapped the picture right as I itched my balls. 
 The UVM Soccer team inside Stanford's stadium. We lost this time 2-1. Fall 2011. 
 My first start. Fall 2011. 
 Playing outside back in the first round of the American East Playoffs against Albany. I shaved my head for the occasion. We scored with 4 minutes left to go up 2-1. And then our captain scored an own goal to tie at 2 with two minutes left. And then with 30 seconds left, our goalie punched the ball into a freshman defender's face to lose the game 3-2. It was the most bizarre ending to a game in the history of college soccer. 
 Polly the Prius stuck in a ditch on the way to Triple Buckets. Vermont, Summer 2011. 
 Close friend and tenacious point guard Kristen Lalonde and I sitting on the branch in an epic treehouse. 2011. 
 UVM Soccer and Women's Basketball at the Rally Awards, Spring 2012. 
 Vermont is a beautiful place. Summer 2012. 
 Me, Annie Wheeler, and Caz Rafalik with our igloo. Winter 2013.
 Me making an insane face as Annie Wheeler and Caz Rafalik sleep peacefully, Winter 2013.  
 "My mom farts once every five years. But, when she does, she gets mad at you."  My first stand-up set ever - Levity Comedy Club, Burlington, VT. January 2013. 
 21st birthday, April 3, 2013. 
 The morning after my 21st birthday, April 3, 2013. I'm a lightweight. 
 Planking on Caz's junk, July 2013. 
 Fall 2013. 
 Mr. G and Duck Dynasty. Halloween 2013. 
 A boy and his baguette. And he loves his baguette. Spring 2014. 
 And the award for the most photogenic mother-son duo on graduation goes to... 
 BFFS on UVM graduation. May 2014. 
 Aziz Ansari at the Chicago Theater the day after UVM graduation. 
 First headshot in Chicago, Summer 2014. Photo credit to Matt Mahaffey.
 Frozen Lake Michigan. 2015. 
 Business Fish at the Improv Gladiators. Winter 2014. 
 Doing my best to keep a tune as Jon Snow singing "Winter Lovin'" with Ygritte. Swarm of Spoilers, a Game of Thrones Parody Show. 
 Moving into an apartment with roommates Aaron Burzak and Janelle Murphey. 
 M&M&M's first show together at the Den Theater. October 2015. 
 Broseph Stalin, Halloween 2015. 
 M&M&M opens for Cecily Strong and Dina Facklis. December 2015. 
 Recording my first track for "Ed Norton Hears a Who!" at Studio 11. 
 Leger visits Chicago. Winter 2016. 
 This was almost the album cover for Ed Norton Hears a Who! 
 Bro Jesus on Casual Friday. 
 M&M&M on the Damen bus. 
 James Potter photo shoot. 
 Chopping off the man bun. #end #of #era
 With Janelle and Aaron at the lake. 
 M&M&M does the ballot box. 
 Planning a story-telling show with the hilarious Emily Walters. 
 Christmas 2016 with Pop-Pop Baker. 
 M&M&M performs in Indy. 
 Wait, Wait, For Realsies? Grief and Loss. 
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 "I was told recently that I look like my parents are still together." 
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