Screenwriting is a huge passion of mine. Here are a few that I’ve written: 

Be F*cking Cool - (68 pages) A disillusioned screenwriter impulsively quits his life in LA and moves to a new city with old friends. I wrote this pilot in the spring of 2018.

Back Home - (114 pages) An amateur comedian returns home for the holidays and slowly regresses to his former self. This script was awarded First Prize Comedy Feature at the Film Crash Film Festival in Los Angeles (2018) and was also named an Official Selection by the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (2018) and the Houston Comedy Film Festival (2019) Drop me a line if you’d like to read it.

Ghosted - (35 pages) Chris and Sarah went on two lovely dates, so why hasn't she texted him back? This a copy of the final shooting script. 

Claims Return (Part 1) - (11 pages) Chaos ensues when Matt and Mike attempt to settle a debt at the Chicago Pubic Library. Co-written with Mike Dibiccaro. 

Just Get Here - (18 pages) Tim and Charlie are long time friends. They impulsively decide to have a kid together before it's too late. 

Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue - (21 pages) When his date spontaneously invites him to a Portugal. the Man concert, Matt must pretend he likes the band in order to seem cool. But little does he know, he is actually just a pawn in dangerous love triangle.